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Sunday, December 16, 2018 
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Resources for Managers & Tennis Professionals
These Resource Articles are provided for Managers & Professionals Courtesy of McMahon & Associates

Mark McMahon, McMahon & Associates President
Mark McMahon

McMahon & Associates President Mark McMahon has authored articles and presented workshops and seminars in many parts of world in his more than 25 years of work and consulting in the tennis industry.

The artciles and resource materials on this page are provided as a complimentary resource to Tennis Professionals.

For more information on the tennis consulting services available from McMahon & Associates, please contact Mark McMahon or by telephone (404) 271-3088

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Hiring a Tennis Director

This article was published in the Club Manager Association of America At Your Service newsletter. The article is targeted towards club managers and owners and addresses several considerations managers should explore before defining their search criteria. These ideas might also provide useful information for tennis professionals setting out on a job search...

A CEO's Advice for Job Seeking

It is often said that landing your next position is a process, not a project. The tips in this article which included ideas from Cbeyond Inc. CEO Jim Geiger suggests that this is true. In our opinion Jim’s tips are as applicable for tennis professionals seeking a great Director of Tennis position as they are to the IT community. 

Best Practices for Managers and Tennis Professionals

All of us have at one time or another read about, or listened as someone has talked about Best Practices. This short article provides two new best practices you can follow when first hearing about the next great "best practice" 


Tennis is the fastest growing participation sport in the United States

According to the latest research by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, tennis participation grew by 42% in the period 2000 - 2010. Managers and Tennis Professionals must be mindful of this growth in planning their tennis programs...   


Is your program prepared for participation growth?

With the growth in tennis participation no longer "news" consider how your programs and program marketing needs some "new" attention...



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Economic the tennis courts

With the economy impacting how club members and tennis players in general measure the value of where disposable income is spent more than ever, tennis directors need to revisit how they define the "value" of program offerings. In this article you will find three specific program ideas that your players will appreciate, and participate in...even during streessful times...


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Managing the Career Devlopment of your Professional Staff 

Mark developed a one hour seminar for tennis directors which addressed their responsibility, and the value in, taking an proactive role in the career development of professional staff members. Click on the button to the left to review Mark's powerpoint presentation from this presentation. If you would like to implement a career development program for your staff, please contact Mark - or by telephone (404) 271-3088