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Sunday, December 16, 2018 
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Program Audit & Development Plan


With over 30 years of personal tennis operations experience, and drawing on the observation of hundreds of successful programs across the county and throughout the world, Mark McMahon works with club management to identify and create actionable and proven solutions to current or anticipated challenges with each client's tennis program.

Management and Tennis Directors of established programs, but who are desirous of renewal, revitalization or increased participation and revenue, benefit from an experienced "third perspective" analysis and the resulting Action Plan Report. McMahon & Associates' extensive consultative program review and actionable plan provides a road-map to excellence. Program and Operation areas covered include:

  • Staff responsibilities
  • Front desk operations
  • Member communications 
  • Program participation
  • Revenue enhancement
  • Pro shop operations
  • Budget development
  • Capital improvements
  • Cost-control
  • Court maintenance
  • Staff development

McMahon & Associates also provides business-plan development, feasibility analysis, strategic planning and operating recommendations for new or proposed facilities. Our clients include new or established club management, ownership groups, management companies and real estate developers.

McMahon & Associates president Mark McMahon works with each client personally and individually to design an audit  that is driven by the client's unique needs and circumstances. Our approach is Consultative with the overarching goal being to reinforce what is already successful; develop processes for program or operating areas which can be built upon, and to identify as yet unrealized opportunities.

To learn how McMahon & Associates can support your tennis program objectives, contact Mark McMahon by email or by telephone (404) 271-3088.